Thursday, 22 January 2015

storage for kids from ikea - stuva

toddler room with STUVA storage system from IKEA
IKEA storage system
children  room with STUVA storage system from IKEA
IKEA storage system in children room

Is the STUVA storage system for kids the most popular solution in children rooms? 
I see it so often, that I started to wonder why would it be so popular, putting the low price aside. 

Storage that sees eye to eye with kids”  says IKEA on their website. Telling us that the secret of STUVA storage is that it’s at the right height for kids. They find it easier to get dressed and take their toys. The system gives also a lot of options to play with and make an individual combinations. You can choose between open or closed storage, to hide or display your things, and also interior fittings, like shelves or clothes rails you want. I selected only the white examples, since I like them the most. It’s simple and kind of neutral looking storage system which gives a good basic in children’s room. 
Is this what we expect from storage for our kids? 
What is your favourite storage system for your children ? I would be glad to know. 

IKEA storage system in children room
IKEA wardrobe  in children's room
IKEA wardrobe  in children room
IKEA white storage STUVA system in children room

picture’s links: 1 (?) - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Anna Pops - hippe schoenen voor kinderen

trendy shoes from Anna Pops based in Belgium
trendy kids shoes from Anna Pops based in Belgium
Anna Pops schoenen  ©Amelia Hambrook
Anna Pops schoenen  ©quinandfox

A little cute store with trendy shoes based in Belgium: Anna Pops
She started a small project with children's clothes store in her own house. Meanwhile, they grown and got a little sister; online shop where you can purchase entire collection. Environmentally friendly use of the material and the production process guarantee high quality footwear. The collection is  not only beautiful and very carefully  made but it looks absolutely fabulous and trendy !  I always struggle to get good shoes for my boys, so this store is now on my very favourite list. Which one will be your favourite?  

photo credit with child ©Amelia Hambrook and ©quinandfox Instagram

trendy kids shoes from Anna Pops based in Belgium
trendy shoes from Anna Pops based in Belgium
store in Belgium with trendy kids shoes

Monday, 19 January 2015

blue in children’s room

blue in children's room

different tones of blue by Benjamin Moore paint

“ Blue is commonly used in the Western hemisphere to symbolise boys, in contrast to pink used for girls. In the early 1900s, blue was the colour for girls, since it had traditionally been the colour of the Virgin Mary in Western Art, while pink was for boys (as it was akin to the colour red, considered a masculine colour) ..." 
more about a history of the colour : BLUE
R toddler bed dark with happy light
different tones of blue in children's room
new Ferm Living Spring/Summer 2015 collection for kids

Are we going to see more blue colour in interior's deco in 2015 ? I hope so! 
I painted my kitchen wall in soft delicate blue color (the one on the first picture)  like 4 years ago. It’s looking very good with industrial steal elements and white kitchen….it’s one of the very unique coloured wall in our house, the rest is grey and white. (except our boys’ room!) 
My favourite addition for blue colour in children’s rooms are tones of grey. It gives blue more contemporary look. Accents of indigo, make a great finish touch. Could you spot the pictures from the Ferm Living new Spring/Summer 2015 collection ? That’s what I’m talking about. What do you think about putting together blue with brown? This colour combination ( on the picture with the moving bed and desk)  is very inspiring and it could be a great combo to use it in a teenager’s room. 
child plying on the beach
 inspiration for home with blue colour photo for vtwonen
moving bed from espace-loggia
nursery in blue colour with crib from oeuf NY
vintage shelf  in an nursery room
blue nursery room with big puf

picture’s links: 23 - 4 - 5 - 7 - 8  - and 3 last nursery photo's from instagram: sonyayu

Friday, 16 January 2015

time for a change

desk for kids birch wood whitewash Rafa-kids
modern desk and stool for kids from Rafa-kids

The black& white postcards “ Time for a change” or “ The time is now”  which you can see on the pictures are from Marcus Kraft collection of 20 advice songs in a little book.  There is so many nice quotes inside which I use and change regularly around my work space. 
I got them from here:   bijzondermooi

Inside Rafa-kids’ K desk you have this special place, where on the lid you can make a mood bord with all your favourite quotes. This time I’m showing you the desk and X stool in whitewash finish with a touch of blue.  This beautiful flaky fields mountain drops rug is my favourite since a long time and I feel so lucky I won it in a giveaway. When the days are getting cold and windy, I kind of naturally would like to nest our house with soft textures and warm elements .  Can you spot the simple and graphic wall baner ? It’s a new addition of the  “ Make your Own Banner”   with cardboard numbers and images. Very nice one! The design is from Ommdesign. The K desk in whitewash gives such a calm and organise feeling in a space….
I wish you a wonderful weekend ahed. 

white modern desk and stool for kids from Rafa-kids
x stool in tree colours Rafa-kids
modern x stool in tree colours Rafa-kids

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

linen loft - By Pia's design

BY PIA´S Design linen for your home  - photo Paulina Arcklin
BY PIA´S Design linen for your home from Finland photo Paulina Arcklin
BY PIA´S Design linen for your home  - bathroom - photo Paulina Arcklin

In this rainy and grey day we need some beautiful treat for the eyes. Right ? 
I could move without second thought into this amazing apartment. 
 Loft space with remarkable huge windows and beautiful light. Industrial furniture which are put together with softness, beautiful lightweight texture and comfort of linnen.  
Do I need more to convince you ? 
BY PIA´S Design is PIA ERLUND passion for natural linen clothing and home textiles from Finland. The story of the brand has started in 2011. The hole collection is made with strong, heavy-weighted, european softened linen. Linen has been grown for thousands of years and it is one of the world’s oldest fabrics. Breathable, antibacterial and anti allergic fabric, which after regular use and laundering will only make it more soft, supple and pleasant to the skin….Collection of PIA´S Design shown on the picture in a studio in Amsterdam is captured by the talented Paulina Arcklin
I honestly, can’t take my eyes of these pictures..... so much to adore! 

BY PIA´S Design linen for your home  bedding linen - photo Paulina Arcklin
BY PIA´S Design linen for your home  bedding linen - photo Paulina Arcklin
BY PIA´S Design linen for your home  - photo Paulina Arcklin
BY PIA´S Design linen for your home - photo Paulina Arcklin
BY PIA´S Design linen for your home - photo Paulina Arcklin

Monday, 12 January 2015

bunk bed from France - AM.PM.

loft bed with desk underneath from AM.PM

I’m always looking for new and well designed beds for kids which appears on the market . 
The AM.PM’s furniture collection of bunk beds from France caught my eye recently. 
Their collection have a pleasant basic shape and it’s looking functional. The bunk bed can be set up in two position: standard bunk bed and also two separate beds on the ground level.  White colour of the beds it’s a perfect start point to make a personal room. The bunk bed with the desk underneath is my favourite. I really like the storage shelfs incorporated into the bed and shelfs around the desk make an easy place to show child’s treasures. You can’t see the mattress and the sleeping area of the bed , which gives the owner a bit of privacy.

modern bunk bed from France AM.PM
modern bunk bed from France AM.PM
modern bunk bed from France AM.PM
single modern bed for child design and made in France AM.PM
single bed for child design and made in France AM.PM
furniture collection for children made in France AM.PM

Sunday, 11 January 2015

yellow bunk bed & studio soet

yellow bunk bed in children room photo kiyomi yui
colorful children room in the Netherlands
working space for children

Should we start the new year with some colourful, positive blog post and a splash of yellow ? 
Welcome in the house of colour and humour - 
owner of  Studio Soet and Soetwaren, stylist Myrthe Smit

The yellow bed is a transformation of standard IKEA bunk bed. Like you can see, nobody is afraid of colours in this room! We can see a yellow bunk bed, orange chairs and colourful walls. It always suprise me, that in Dutch children’s rooms you can see pattern wallpaper which is combine with many other textiles and it all magically fits together. Can you spot this retro flower pattern on the wallpaper and then bedlinen on the bed with grid, dots and other flowers?  If I would use a rich pattern wallpaper on the wall I would probably ‘calm it down’ by use of basic colours. Stylist Myrthe Smit is not afraid of playing with many different shapes and colours.  In her work for Studio Soet we can easily recognise the same personal style. 

photo’s credit for the children's room: kiyomiyui - dutch-kids-room-studio-soet

Images made by Studio Soet  for psikhouvanjou store .